What is INETA?

Indonesian Edtech Association. Founded in early 2018 to be a platform that brings together all Edtech actors in Indonesia.

Asosiasi EdTech Indonesia. Didirikan pada awal 2018 untuk menjadi platform yang menyatukan semua aktor Edtech di Indonesia.


INETA aims to amplify the presence of Edtech organizations and activities in Indonesia to the public. There have been little awareness among Indonesians on Edtech and its potentials.

Herry Fahrur Rizal - Advisor

Startup community builder & intrapreneur at Telkom Indonesia (the biggest telecommunication corporate in Indonesia) as Deputy Head of Digital Startup & Community Engagement. He is also a volunteer at Startuplokal (the largest startup community in Indonesia since 2010), Initiator at EdTech Indo (a Jakarta based edtech startup community which transformed into INETA, Indonesia Education Technology Association), Initiator Startup Bandung community, and last but not least, he is also Co-Director Startup Grind Bandung since July 2017.

Medy Suharta - Advisor

Medy Suharta started his professional work in the field of education by teaching physics, and later on helped open and also managed more than fifty tutoring services in Jakarta. In 2007 Medy Suharta along with his former pupil Sabda PS built Zenius Education, a digital learning platform promoting science and reason for Indonesian students. With a strong belief in quality education, Medy Suharta is dedicated to enhancing Indonesia’s human capital through education. Currently, Medy is responsible for prototyping new products at Zenius Education, along with establishing relationships with strategic partners which include schools and governmental bodies.

Sabda PS - Chairman of the board

With a background in computer science (Artifical Intelligence) and philosophy of science and mathematics, Sabda's passion for science and education lead him and his business partner Medy Suharta to build Zenius in 2007, a digital learning platform promoting science and reason for Indonesian students. At the present, apart from heading the Education and Development unit, Sabda works on Zenius’s business expansions, programming, and partnership.

Tomy Yunus - Vice Chairman

Tomy Yunus is the CEO and co-founder of Squline.com, an Indonesian based language learning platform. He believes that in this digital era, time and place should not be problems to learn something new, including learning new languages. Currently, Squline has gathered professional teachers around the world to teach English, Mandarin, and Japanese to thousands of students in Indonesia. Tomy holds a degree in Computer Science from Bina Nusantara University (Binus) and Master of Economics from Renmin University of China.

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